Custom Web Application Development

Do you want to outsource your work regarding the custom web application development to India? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Why and When the businesses required custom web solutions?

Every business has its own work-flow and processes. To execute work-flow successfully and make the business processes automated, two approaches can be adopted: Either manage everything manually on paper or develop a custom web solution which fits the business flow. Almost, every business needs an automated process which makes the workflow error-free, speedy, and independent. Many readymade solutions are available like ERP, CRM, CMS and SAP but these aren’t always 100% fit to fulfil the business needs as every business has it’s own processes and workflow. It’s better to develop a custom web solution to make the processes speedy, error free and independent which helps the business in growing its’ profit. Profit growing is the ultimate goal of every business.

Custom Web Application Development

Sometimes it may happen your requirement does not match in to any available open sources CMS or E-commerce portals like Joomla, WordPress and Magneto. So in that case expert from Techworld Solution analyses your requirements and suggest you the best solutions available for custom web application development.

Professional Website Design

At Techworld Solution, we offer professional and attractive website designs as per your Business requirements. We consistently aim to deliver imaginative and scalable website designs and development solutions which reflect the character, needs and vision of our clients.

Mobile Applications

Techworld Solution, has an extensive expertise in custom mobile application development with a vast experience in developing mobile applications for diverse platforms and devices using latest techniques for all mobile platforms including iPhone, Android.

Custom mobile application with a unique touch is needed to boost the functions and performance of these mobile devices. All mobile platforms have their own set of features that require technical fineness to meet both individual and Business needs.

Software Testing

Our functional testing will ensure that you receive clear reports, save costs and reduce risks while making sure your applications are working according to your client and end users’ needs.

Gain peace of mind that your app works on all the most important devices and operating systems. We have over 100 devices in-house and created our own mobile testing tool, Monkop, that all of our clients benefit from.

Make sure your website can handle large loads during peak traffic while using resources efficiently so you never lose potential customers to slow page response times.

Our security experts help you prevent attacks and control your internal security through ethical hacking. Count on the support of CISA certified professionals in analysis, risk management and implementation of standards and security policies.

Automate the right test cases in order to increase test coverage, reduce costs, speed up time to market, and free up your testers to handle more interesting and sophisticated testing.

Identify your user’s main problems, errors and frustrations while interacting with your design in one-on-one sessions with users trying to complete key tasks. Assure the accessibility of your UI.